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16/?? screencaps of these assholes looking at each other

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i keep rebloging this posts about not giving any fucks but srsly i give too much fucks that i cry sometimes when i cant help u with ur math assignment

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though she be but little, she is fierce.

- shakespeare, a midsummer night’s dream

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For the first time in a long time… I am.

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Pure at heart. || Project: Supernatural Stills

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Destiel : Pt. 3 

ADAGIO - [ ao3 ] - noangelsinthegarrison, 6121

Gabriel rolls his eyes, “Wow you’re overdramatic when you’re horny.”

Sam Accidentally Sees the Whole Picture - [ ao3 ] - almaasi, 10405

Sam’s been through a lot lately, what with tonight’s hunt rendering his skin an aching shade of purple and all. He can deal with Dean being overly concerned about Cas’ broken finger, and - God help him - he puts up with the sound of their preposterously soppy love confessions and first kisses on the adjacent bed. But he cannot be expected to remain silent and feign sleep throughout the entire duration of their first-ever lovemaking session. He just can’t. Especially not, because it seems apparent that Cas is more intent on deflowering himself than letting Dean do it.

In A Hundred Worlds (I’d find you and I’d choose you) - [ ao3 ] - noangelsinthegarrison, 4797

It’s like a drug, this magical wardrobe, a compulsion. Four universes, he’s seen now. Four Deans who love him, who’ll kiss him when his own will not. And he doesn’t know if they’re real, if these universes truly exist somewhere out there, or if they’re just showing him what he wants to see but he’s not even sure he really cares.

I’m Not Moving - [ ao3 ] - Rehearsal_Dweller, 6981

After a long relationship ends with a blowout fight, Dean Winchester wakes up staring down the rest of his life.
It doesn’t take long to realise he’s unlikely to Ever get over Castiel Shurley.

He takes to haunting the place where they met, hoping that Cas will walk back into his life someday.
And That is how Dean comes to own the Heaven Cafe.

What kind of name is Castiel? - [ ao3 ] - deanial, 23231

High school AU.
'Every girl in the room was on full alert, only turning away from the trench coat wearing boy to give each other that look: the look that all girls know means 'if you ever get to see him naked, you have to show me a picture or at least produce an anatomically correct sketch.'

The Good Samaritan Rule - [ ao3 ] - manic_intent, 6112

Dean and Castiel are both angels and brothers-in-arms. During a battle, Cas’s wings get hurt and [it’s] up to Dean to help him out. In the process, Cas finds out how sensitive his wings are and well Dean is Dean no matter what his form [is], so this leads to lovely first time sex.

courage of stars - [ ao3 ] - mcpadalackles, 3683

"Dean’s brain is stuck on ‘he’s leaving me he’s leaving me’ and he thinks about saying don’t go or I’ll come with you, but what comes out of his mouth is, "I don’t think you get loose-leaf tea on the moon.""

Try-Something Tuesday - [ ao3 ] - almaasi, 48284

Dean Winchester teaches a third-grade class. He’s new to this whole ‘bisexual’ thing - but by pure happenstance, he meets Castiel: a particularly dapper male librarian who moonlights as a substitute teacher. Dean’s curious and Castiel is willing, so why the hell not?

Party Like It’s 1999 - [ ao3 ] - Annie D, 5170

Castiel gets hit with a witch’s curse and can only speak in “Brit” poetry.

Honesty Is What You Need - [ ao3 ] - Kicon, 12392

Inspired by Party like it’s 1999 (Annie D), Dean and Cas gets struck by a witch and they can only speak song lyrics

Upside Down - [ ao3 ] - mamageek, 22606

Castiel Novak is the school’s stereotypical bad boy - always skipping class and making a big deal about his motorcycle. So when he starts paying attention to quiet nerd Dean Winchester, Dean doesn’t quite know what to do about it. When he agrees to tutor Castiel in Calculus, he starts to wonder if he’s made the biggest mistake of his life, but it’s not long before he realises things aren’t always what they seem.

Freckles - [ ao3 ] - fourhrs, 6017

Castiel watched his brother fall in love with a youtuber and have his heart broken when he realized that the feelings weren’t returned. Against Castiel’s best judgement, he was starting to notice how attractive the youtube star was really.

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N°89 in the series “wild spam of random caps” - SN: 09x17

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Listen to me, you’ve got this dark pit inside you. I know. Believe me, I know. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall into it. You don’t have to be a monster…It doesn’t matter what you are. It only matters what you do. It’s your choice.”

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 I suppose in the end… they break my heart.

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Three dimensional characters for the win.

"It feels better, right?" is the part that gets me, because it explains everything about Flash ever.

I know I’ve reblogged this before but I love this.

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making out is one of the most underrated things in the world of sex like one of the best feelings on earth is tongue on tongue, biting each other’s lips and pressing your bodies together and grinding your hips into each other while your breathing mixes and making out is just so ugh god

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